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Nissin Logistics Poland is a global logistics company having its roots in Japanese Corporation. As a logistics operator we provide international and domestic shipments. We provide intermodal freight services, allowing to arrange transportation to any location. With global network our operations  are optimized and coordinated according to door to door concept. We specialize in connection with Asia, particularly Japan and China and North America.

The territorial scope of road transport is primarily Poland, the whole Western Europe, the Balkans, Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.

Our main mission is to provide professional transport services and ensuring customer satisfaction with the products, therefore, to approach each project individually. Taking care of the safety and high standard of our services, we cooperate only with reliable carriers and subcontractors.

We offer:

• Road freight, sea freight and air freight
• Import and export comprehensive service
• Oversized cargo
• Expert advice

We have:

• Proven carriers
• A worldwide network of branches
• OC Shipper policy for the amount of 7.500.000 Euro